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Full Court Press-The Establishment Attacks on QAnon

The Mainstream Media has ramped up attacks of the online phenomenon called QAnon. QAnon is an anonymous online movement that began October 28, 2017. The movement is about sharing open source information about corruption, and debunking fake news. It is a world wide online movement that supports President Trump, and this is likely what scares the establishment, or "The Old Guard" the most.

The movement has been the subject of ridicule from those in the public sphere, likely because the Q Movement researches information the Mainstream Media won't, as they are owned by special interest groups. Followers of QAnon are citizens around the world.

Here is one example of the ridicule received very early on from Bill Maher, who has appeared in several QAnon Posts.

August 10, 2018.

The information uncovered by the QAnon movement suggests Mr. Maher has reason to not appreciate QAnon Posts. It was uncovered Bill Maher is associated with a Production company called Kid Love Productions. As you can see in this google search, the name has now been changed to "With Kid Love Productions." He's also condoned sex with underage youth. You be the judge.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say most individuals, including some in the public spotlight support QAnon-if they are not involved in corruption. When the Mainstream Media claims the QAnon Movement is dangerous-what they really mean is it's dangerous to those engaged in nepharious activity. This is an information war, being peacefully waged online, using meme's and tweets in support of President Trump and his agenda. Anything the Q Movement see's online that is not legal, like child pornography is reported to law enforcement immediately.

Those mocking QAnon claim there is no pedophilia in Hollywood, and absolutely no way anybody in positions of power could be involved with Human and Child Trafficking. With the arrest of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell this narrative is running thin. In addition, Q Posts provided key information about Russia Gate, which has now become Obama Gate.

The media has never covered the movement accurately, as they haven't legitimately researched the Q movement to know what it's actually about. Of course this may be inaccurate, and they are simply chosing to represent it in a false way. This wouldn't be out of the norm, as the public discovered ABC spiked the Jeffrey Epstein story prior to the 2016 election.

This could be another reason the Mainstream Media hates QAnon and the movement-it is their job, after all to tell the public what to think. Here is a clip from Mika Brzezinski confirming as much.

Followers of QAnon love President Trump, liberty, free speech, and equal justice under the law. The QAnon Posts are "crumbs" meant for followers to research for themselves. This makes it very difficult for critics to discern, as there are an untold number of people decoding and researching QAnon Posts. There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories, and research in relation to Q Posts. The media tends to attack an online theory, even though there is no QAnon Post that states the theory as factual. This makes it difficult for the media to accurately report on QAnon, unless they read QAnon's posts. It speaks volumes the Mainstream Media doesn't report directly on the original QAnon Posts found on the boards. There's a reason for that. Like Wikileaks emails, they don't want anybody reading them for themselves.

One thing can be counted on....followers of QAnon are in the millions, around the world, all posting Pro-President Trump memes by the thousands relating to the politics of the day, correcting fake news articles about President Trump, and exposing Globalist and Establishment Corruption. Followers are on all social media platforms, and do so voluntarily. It's a brilliant strategy to bypass the Mainstream Media.

Something changed recently with the Mainstream Media attacks on QAnon. That change appears to have been prompted by the election of Republican Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene who defeated John Cowan in the Republican primary runoff for Georgia's 14th Congressional District. Greene received 57% of the vote to Cowan's 43%. Greene is also a follower of QAnon. This has caused panic in the establishment, and a barrage of baseless criticism and hate.

In fact, the Mainstream Media produced an all out attack against the movement with 80 negative news articles attacking within a 24 hour period. h/t @mareq16

This occurred after President Trump refused to denounce the QAnon movement.

In addition, the establishment seems to be so threatened by the movement, it appears they are planning an event in an effort to make the movement appear violent. This couldn't be further from reality. For one, QAnon is an online phenomenon, and mostly anonymous. Most QAnon followers are separated by geography. It appears Antifa, and BLM-funded by the Democrat Party-the same groups burning down American Democratic cities since the end of May, are attempting to infiltrate the Q Movement to make it appear violent. There are some marches planned, under the guise of "Save the Children" with Q apparel or signs. These are not QAnon marches. Anons have uncovered this, which is incredibly disturbing.

Twitter, facebook and other social media platforms have already started purging QAnon accounts. If QAnon were fake, not to be taken seriously, why are they going to such lengths to silence an online movement? The Antifa movement is causing real life damage and violence in Democrat run cities like Portland, yet are still allowed to thrive online despite the violence. It would appear Social Media Platforms are engaged in election interference. This is just one of the "meme's" found on a prominent Antifa account. And yet, it remains.

Q's message is one of unity. Never forget...this is what they fear the most. Peace and Unity.


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