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Green Castle Go? The Whirlpool is Gaining Momentum-They're Swirling the Drain.

President Trump delivered remarks in Clyde, Ohio on August 6, 2020 at the Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant.

For those following QAnon, the proofs are insurmountable when it comes to President Trump using symbolism, spelling errors and props like Fiji Water Bottles to deliver messages to his enemies, or notify followers and the White Hats of significant happenings and moves. He is a master at this, and always 5 steps ahead of the enemy.

When President Trump was departing from the White House, it appeared all staff came out to see the President off. This is not a usual occurrence.

What's also not a usual occurrence is the Green curtains in the window's of the White House. This is a "Green Light" signal. "Castle Green"

QAnon has used this code to signify when operations are active, when the White House is on lockdown, when they "batten down the hatches." I find this interesting timing given the spattering of fires/explosions which began 2 days prior, and seemed to hit major trafficking ports.

Q taught us to decipher their codes quite early on. Q Post 2712 explained this is to evade National Security Laws.

When President Trump came out on stage, he stood in front of 17 boxes of Whirlpool washing machines. Q represents the 17th letter of the alphabet. What happens during a wash cycle-it drains! Not only does it drain, a common phrase used for washing dirty money="laundering."

On the same day, the Justice Department "Seeks Forfeiture of Two Commercial Properties Purchased with Funds Misappropriated from PrivatBank in Ukraine." The Biden's and other Washington Elite have been laundering money through the Ukraine for many years. The money laundering is all coming to light.

It would appear the Stage is Set!

These comments from President Trump caused a lot of speculation and concern from supporters. President Trump has MANY powerful enemies. Following the Ohio appearance, President Trump was not returning to the White House, but flying to his Bedminster, New Jersey club. Many pondered, including myself if this meant the President would not be returning to the White House due to a series of events that may happen-judging by the send off he received from White House staff, this seemed likely.

Please keep this President safe, and remember-Patriots are in control.


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